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To view artwork go to or the Drawing the Experience facebook page HERE.
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theatre piece etc has been drawn and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.


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Jenny Soep'Soep has found a niche.'
The Scotsman

‘I think the biggest compliment I can pay this work is
“I wish I’d been there."
‘Beautifully captured in a splash of orchestrated colour’
West End News, Glasgow

‘Jenny’s quick event drawings brings joy to all the people around her. She is full of energy and has a special magnetic power that pulls people together.
I have been following Jenny’s artistic journey online, and have seen in addition to her expressive pen and brush drawings she has started using iPad for a lot of her music event work. This technique suits her free style extremely well, it allows her to capture the mood effectively and produces strong attractive colour drawings. One can almost feel the music coming out from the work.’
Lin Chau, Ricefield Gallery

"I'd been a fan of Jenny's live art work for some time, so asked her to develop a brand logo for us in her inimitable style.
We were delighted with the results.
Jenny is great at delivering to brief and on time, and with great creativity. She is a delight to work with, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her work to others."
Marcus J Wilson, Hi Arts

‘Wow! I’m really not easily impressed when it comes to stuff like this... But, yeah, your stuff is amazing. It’s really funny and captures the moment perfectly’
Malcolm Middleton of Arab Strap

‘Amazing stuff - feel really humbled’
Greg Neate,

'On behalf of everyone at Chemikal Underground and all the artists and writers involved in 'Ballads Of The Book', I'd just like to say how delighted we were that you were able to take part in the Triptych event on Sunday 29th. Everyone we spoke to was really knocked out by your exhibition: it brilliantly captured the spirit of the 'Ballads' project, adding another dimension to the event and helped in no small measure to make the day the success that it was. Thanks again for all your hard work - we look forward to working with you again sometime in the future...'
Stewart Henderson May 2007
Chemical Underground Records

‘We at StAnza were delighted to have visual artist Jenny Soep taking part this year as Artist in Residence over the festival weekend. She made a lively contribution to the festival, intriguing poets and festival guests alike as she sketched and painted her way through various events in venues all around St. Andrews, capturing special festival moments with her vivid illustrations. It was a pleasure to have her around, and to have her unique record of this year's 10th anniversary
Eleanor Livingstone, Artistic Director, StAnza, Scotland's Poetry Festival

‘Just to say many, many thanks for the superb illustrations capturing some of the highlights of the Carrbridge Live Festival and the World Porridge Making Championship. The illustrations are stunning and have been much admired by one and all.
They are a wonderful record of our community events and are far more valued than any photograph in managing to capture the atmosphere in all its true glory. We have received a number of requests for copies of the illustrations and look forward to staging an exhibition of your work as soon as possible which will be an event itself. It is very much hoped you might join us for the occasion so as folk have the chance to meet you in person.
Our many thanks again for all your hard work - it was a great privilage for us to have had such a talented artist on board. Much appreciated.’
Linda Jolly, Event Co-ordinator, Carrbridge Live and World Porridge Making Championships

‘Jenny Soep spent a day at our User Centre - a research cybercafe for older people - and produced a marvellous set of drawings which we are now using to publicise the work of this group, and also when giving presentations about our research into older people using computer technology. Particularly with a subject like this we want to put the people in the foreground, not the technology, and Jenny's drawings have done this beautifully. They have captured the individual personalities, the enthusiasm, and the camaraderie of the place very skilfully and with great humour.
I just returned from an international conference where I gave a presentation about our research. Instead of using standard photos of people sitting at computers I was able to illustrate my talk with Jenny's lively and engaging drawings.
I got a very positive response from the audience. We definitely want to make further use of Jenny's unique talents to provide an unusually vivid picture of aspects of our work.’
Dr Norman Alm, FBCS, MIEEE, Senior Lecturer, School of Computing in University of Dundee, Dundee, Scotland
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